Get ready to meet the new benchmark in titration: faster results, safer handling of chemicals, and easier adaptability to your requirements.


OMNIS Titration is the high-end potentiometric titrator that allows you to consolidate all your titration applications on a single platform. OMNIS Titration features various customization and automation options and ensures efficient and safe analyses. Its modular design allows you to scale up your titration system to perform up to five parallel titrations to perfectly match your needs.
From stand-alone titrator to a fully automated solution in an overarching network: a potentiometric titrator that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

METROHM Titrando

Titrando is a potentiometric titrator featuring superior intelligence, either operated stand-alone by Touch Control or with the modern and user-friendly OMNIS software. It simplifies routine operation with intelligent system components and advanced automation options.
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AGITECH has been established in 2002 by a high skillful and experienced team which equals more than 50 man-years in chemical analytical field of chromatography and life-sciences. we have developed a proficient and fully motivated platform that can provide full selling service capabilities to our esteemed clientele in all industries fields of pharma, environmental, biotechnology, molecular-biology, food & beverage, scientific academia and analytical laboratory equipment in Egypt, Mid and Western Africa.

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